Joseph Findeiss was born in St. Louis, Missouri and spent his formative years in Denver where he began an active interest in photography.  After moving to Seattle in 2000, he incorporated found materials into framing elements, sets and wardrobe for his photography. During one particular exhibit of personal work, he was introduced to Joseph Campbell and assemblage with profound effect.  Upon returning to Denver in 2007, Findeiss’ artistic focus turned solely to assemblage and subsequently collage, pulling material from sources such as John J. Audubon, vintage postcards and volumes of vintage children’s encyclopedic collections in addition to organic, mechanical, and mineral elements.  Found objects, readymade objects, and handmade frames still play an important role in the process as working with his hands is bread and butter for the artist. Findeiss’ assemblage and collage is often playful, vibrant, and not without a sense of irony.